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6NF-4/9F-21 Combined Rice Miller(stainless steel)

This model is a generation model developed on the basis of years of experience in producing and selling various types of rice mills and full market research. The 6NF-4.0 rice milling machine innovates the traditional rice knife milling process, adopting a new design of rice rollers combined with hexagonal rice sieves, effectively improving the quality of rice and reducing the rate of rice fragmentation. The independent negative pressure fan structure makes the separation of rice bran cleaner. Combined with 9F-21 pulverizer, it shares power for rice milling and pulverizing, and is easy to operate, which is popular in the market.


Rice Milling Machine



Product Introduction


Productivity: rice milling ≥ 160kg/h, crushing ≥ 150kg/h

Spindle speed: 1650r/min for rice milling and 5500r/min for crushing

Supporting power: YL100L2-2 2.2kW 2800r/min

Executive standard: JB/T9792-2013 Split type rice milling machine JB/T9822-2018 Hammer type feed crusher


Installation Video


Processing video

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